Integrative Psychotherapy for Adults and Couples

About Yosi

Yosi Amram, Ph.D., Psychologist

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist (license # PSY 24924) in private practice with offices in Palo Alto and Oakland California. I also work with some clients by phone or skype video conferencing.

I have received my MA and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  I also hold a BS and MS in Engineering as well as an MBA.

Prior to becoming a clinical Psychologist, I have had a previous career in the business and technology sectors.  In addition to my psychotherapeutic practice, I also work as a leadership coach.  These organizational experiences enable me to understand and relate to most work-place settings.

In addition to the privilege and honor of helping others in my work, I am passionate about and experience meaning in my own personal growth and spiritual development, which are founded on love and devotion to the truth and the mystery of life.  I derive great joy and satisfaction from my two children and enjoy reading and writing poetry, the arts, movies, dance, mountain biking, yoga, tai chi, meditation, and yummy food.

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