Integrative Psychotherapy for Adults and Couples


Cliffs at Big Sur, CA

Our work together always begins by meeting exactly where you are, listening deeply, and addressing whatever immediate issues or difficulties you wish to address.  Over time, as the urgency of the immediate issues is addressed and depending on your interests, I would be able to work with you on exploring, integrating and deepening other dimensions of your being: thoughts and feelings, mind and heart, as well as body and soul.  As each client is unique, my use and the application of different approaches is always individually tailored to each particular person.

For those who are interested, the key therapeutic modalities that I have been trained in, informed by, and integrate in my practice, include the following:

With that said, I emphasize again my focus on meeting you exactly where you are, deeply listening to you in order to address your particular issues. I look forward to having a conversation with you about your individual or need as a couple so please don’t be afraid to call or email me for a free phone consultation or to schedule an in person meeting.


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