Integrative Psychotherapy for Adults and Couples


Pathway through green forest

My philosophy is integrative—aiming to heal and integrate all the major dimensions of being human: heart, mind, body and soul.  My approach is both pragmatic, aiming to offer near term relief of your immediate issues and symptoms, as well as depth oriented, supporting a deeper growth and transformation over time.

I believe that all of us are born with a passionate aliveness that is uniquely beautiful, radiant, joyful, and full of potential—an aliveness that is trusting, connected and open to love.  It is the life force shining through a point of light at the core of our being.  Unfortunately, through life’s inevitable losses and challenges this passionate aliveness gets wounded, gets covered up and shuts down.  This shutting down manifests in a variety of symptoms be it anxiety, depression, work or relationship difficulties, or loneliness and isolation.

On the pragmatic and practical sides, I hope to address your near term pain—providing you with some short-term results and ongoing relief from your symptoms and your suffering.  I do that by meeting you exactly where you are and bringing the breadth of my experience as a person as well as coach and psychotherapist in addressing your issues and challenges.

At the deeper level, our work together is to recover your passionate aliveness, to recover your light (can you touch into your inner point of light? how and where would you feel it?)  Your aliveness can then shine through and express authentically through meaningful and rewarding work as well as deeply satisfying interpersonal relationships.

In our work together, my goal is to serve as a compassionate, supportive and knowledgeable guide always looking for, seeing and reflecting your light, your uniquely precious and authentic self.  I do that while offering a safe, open-minded and openhearted environment.





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