Integrative Psychotherapy for Adults and Couples

Somatic Trauma Resolution

Coral reef and abundant aquatic life Somatic-oriented therapies heal the mind-body split, as our psychological material is often reflected in our body and vice-versa.  Unprocessed negative emotions and traumas are usually stored and sometimes trapped in the body’s memory, sometimes resulting in indigestion, tightness, contraction, numbness, pain and/or poor sleep. Bringing greater awareness to our body, feelings and sensations aided by the use of breath-work, movement, gestures, and other exercises can dramatically aid in releasing such negative emotions and traumas.  Utilizing experiential mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy, such as Hakomi or Somatic Experiencing, we can create faster, deeper and more sustainable changes than conventional ‘talk therapy’ alone.  With the advent of trauma, which most of us have experienced at some point in our lives, special approaches to metabolizing and integrating those traumatic memories are required—as simply  recounting the events can be re-traumatizing in itself.   Careful titration and pendulation technics are required to integrate the material and calm the nervous system that can get quickly activated and/or stuck in the trauma vortex.  Such somatic approaches are designed to create new healthier neural pathways away from the trauma-worn grooves.

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